Welcome to China Spring High School and the 2019-2020 school year! The faculty, staff, and administrators of C.S.H.S are extremely excited about the opportunity to provide the students, parents, and community with the best educational experience possible. China Spring High School students have established a rich tradition of excellence, both academically and in all extra-curricular endeavors. As we begin the new school year, we look forward to continuing this tradition and exhibiting our commitment to excellence!

As the principal, it is my personal goal to ensure that the students of China Spring High School are provided an educational environment that promotes life-long learning and enables the development of skills that will allow our students to achieve whatever goals they set for themselves. In order for C.S.H.S to provide such an environment, we encourage the support of our parents and community members through the many booster clubs and organizations available at C.S.H.S. It is with the collaborative efforts of all C.S.I.S.D stakeholders that the vision, mission, and expectations of excellence will be achieved, now and in the future.

Max Rutherford, Ed.D.


China Spring High School