China Spring High School

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CSHS FFA CDE Area VIII Contest Results

Dairy Cattle 15th place

Nelma Freeze

Jonathan Crawford

Betnie Mitchell

Entomology 16th place

Meagan Davis

Jacob Field

Hunter Hill

Leah Stichler

Farm Business Management 3rd place, advancing to state

Landon McCartney

Kayla Seale- 17th high individual

Kyla Seale- 12th high individual

Taitelyn Morris- 8th high individual

Floriculture 25th place

Kyra White

Allison Hawkins

Hayley Kennemer

Homesite- 5th place, advancing to state

Savannah Bailey- 15th high individual

Hadleigh Ballentine

Allyssa Guerrero

Sierra Loyd- 20th high individual

Horse- 45th place

Kaitlyn Bohn

Deanna Sandage  

Mckenzie Hancock

Land- 2nd place, advancing to state

Jacob Barnett- 4th high individual

Mallory Day

Colton Eskew

Matthew Miller- 5th high individual

Livestock- 28th place

Maggie Chaffin

Taylor Clark

Brison Tullos

Natasha Rooney

Milk Quality- 2nd place, advancing to state

Anneliese Olbrich- 1st high individual

Courtney Hampton

Megan Krupa- 18th high individual

Dakota Needler- 15th high individual

Nursery/Landscape- 8th place

Beth Martens- 20th high individual

Claire Martens

Ashlyn Slocum

Rebekah Dover

Vet Science- 6th place, state advance pending

Brandon G. Johnson

Matthew Derington- 11th high individual

Monique Duri

Justin Sehon

Ag Communications- competes at state contest at Texas Tech

Taitelyn Morris

Kayla Seale

Kyla Seale

Courtney Hampton


Marketing Plan- competes at state contest at Sam Houston State University

Jacob Barnett

Beth Martens

Claire Martens

Kayla Seale

Kyla Seale


Food Science- competes at state contest at Texas Tech

Dakota Needler

Megan Krupa

Anneliese Olbrich

Ashlyn Slocum

Hayley Kennemer

Betnie Mitchell