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17-AAAA Academic UIL Results 3-21-2018

Results of the District 17-AAAA Academic UIL Meet:
Accounting - Coached by Mr. Billeaud:
1st - Megan Baringer
5th - AJ Hand
6th - Taylor Holland
**1st Place Team Championship**
Calculator Applications - Coached by Ms. McDuff:
1st - Bryan Hand
2nd - Hunter Anz
3rd - Julian Valdez
6th - Sam Webb
**1st Place Team Championship**
Current Issues and Events - Coached by Mrs. Smith:
1st - Thomas Martin
2nd - Hunter Littleton
6th - Abby Gammon
**1st Place Team Championship**
Computer Applications - Coached by Mrs. Cox:
5th - Byron Lundgren
Editorial Writing - Coached by Mr. Donaldson:
5th - Zoe Vernon
Feature Writing - Coached by Mr. Donaldson:
3rd - Carson Mims
4th - Avery Ballmann
Headline Writing - Coached by Mr. Donaldson:
3rd - Carson Mims
6th - Avery Ballmann
Informative Speaking - Coached by Mr. Donaldson:
1st - Jacob Everett
4th - Olivia Schneider
5th - Zoe Vernon
Lincoln Douglas Debate - Coached by Mr. Donaldson:
1st - Vincent Spies
3rd - Hannah Crawford
4th - Jaden Montoya
**Vincent was also named the Top Speaker of the Tournament**
Literary Criticism - Coached by Mrs. Anz:
3rd - Abby Gammon
Mathematics - Coached by Ms. McDuff:
2nd - Michael Cadieux
3rd - Hunter Anz
Number Sense - Coached by Ms. McDuff:
1st - Michael Cadieux
3rd - Haider Khan
4th - Sam Webb
News Writing - Coached by Mr. Donaldson:
2nd - Sydney Karas
4th - Colton Lucas
Persuasive Speaking - Coached by Mr. Donaldson:
1st - Vincent Spies
2nd - Thomas Martin
3rd - Charles Graham
Poetry Interpretation - Coached by Mr. Donaldson:
4th - Keyerra Chadwick
7th - Chance Webster
8th - Carter Braswell
Prose Interpretation - Coached by Mr. Donaldson:
3rd - Kolten Benton
5th - Jake Stephens
6th - Lauryn Wade
Science - Coached by Mrs. Carlock, Mr. Gollahon, and Mrs. Phillips:
3rd - Julian Valdez 
**Julian was also the top performer in the Chemistry division**
Social Studies - Coached by Mrs. Smith:
1st - Danny Tiedemann
6th - Thomas Martin
**1st Place Team Championship** 
Spelling and Vocabulary - Coached by Mrs. Anz:
1st - Ivan Lin
**1st Place Team Championship** 
One Act Play - Directed by Mrs. Tastch:
All Star Technical Crew - Caitlyn Oliver
Honorable Mention All Star Cast - Chance Webster and Kylee Cook
All Star Cast - Lindsey Fox
**Our production of By The Bog of Cats advanced to the bi-district meet on Friday**