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Recommendation Letters

Need a Recommendation Letter for College or a Scholarship???
Read instructions carefully to see whether or not your college wants letters of recommendation, how many they want, and who they want to write those letters (counselor, teacher, etc).  Generally, Texas public colleges and universities do not need counselor recommendations.  Private institutions and colleges/universities found outside of Texas are more likely to want a counselor recommendation.  

It is polite to ASK someone first if they will write a letter for you.  Once they've agreed, be sure to give your recommenders 2-3 weeks notice before your letter is due. Writing a good letter takes time.
Counselor Recommendation Letter
We ask that BOTH students and parents fill out a separate questionnaire to help us learn more about you and enable us to write a more meaningful letter.  Please type responses to ensure legibility and email the forms to your counselor.
Teacher Recommendation Letter
Teacher recommendations are meant to give the college insight into the kind of scholar you can be.  Be sure to select teachers who know you and have something insightful and meaningful to share.