College Visits

College Visits can help you decide whether or not a campus is a good fit for you.  They are also a way for you to demonstrate your interest in attending a school. 

  • Contact a school's admissions department a few weeks before you visit to schedule a tour
  • If you schedule a visit through a different department, be sure to stop by admissions before you leave and tell them about it so that your visit can be noted in your file.
  • JUNIORS are allowed 2 college visits  
  • SENIORS are allowed 2 college visits before May 1st


Steps to Request a College Visit

1. Pick one up from Mrs. Hofferichter in the counseling office. 
2. Complete Part I and bring to Mrs. Hofferichter for a counselor signature for approval. 
3. Once approved, you MUST get a college representative to sign. 
4. Bring form filled out back to Mrs. Pitts so that she can clear your attendance. 

Questions to Ask on a College Visit

Before visiting a college, it can be helpful to make a list of questions that you think are important to have answered.  Below are links to various lists that might help inspire your own questions: